Marguerite Handy
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My journey with Aura-Soma began with the beautiful colour combination of blue & violet. A 'message in a bottle' that brought inspiration and a feeling of peace. A feeling of peace that went beyond my understanding.

B37 violet/blue
Name: The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth
Shakes together As: Royal Blue
Keynote: Transformative communication. A nurturing and peaceful communication that may be of benefit to ourselves and others.

Using the energies of colour on a daily basis was the key to my personal transformation. I opened to unexpected opportunities that I had never believed possible. My love for colour quickly grew into a passion

With new hope, I began my Aura-Soma training and am currently a registered Colour - Care Consultant and Teacher.
I am filled with immense gratitude in being able to help others to begin a journey of self -discovery with the exciting Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System ®

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Times: 09h00-15h00


Astro Biochemic Tissue Salts
Biochemic Tissue SaltsDr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler a German doctor recognised that inorganic matter comprised of twelve principal mineral tissue salts and were essential to life itself. Biochemic tissue salts are minerals in energy form and form the functional part of every cell. They are normal and natural occuring substances in the body and are therefore extremely safe with no side effects.

Your 4 bottle Equilibrium selection will reveal which of the supplementary tissue salts will bring balance and wellbeing, from the soul level through to the physical cellular level.


Other Qualifications:
Reiki Master Usui - please contact me to book a treatment
Registered Genesen Acutouch Therapist

Genesen Acutouch
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Lazaris Distributor:

Meditations ' a journey of self growth 'with Lazaris:

Tuesday evenings.

Tissue Salts
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Marguerite Handy